Inviting Vkontakte what is it (2024)


Of course, now the Vk market has noticeably burned out, but you can still collect traffic for the Russian market in some niches very successfully. With the help of advertising fake profiles and automation of actions, you can do a lot of useful things.

First, let's define the strategy, i.e. how we will use our fake profiles in general.

  • Sending to private messages

I will say right away that this method is very ineffective, especially if you immediately send out links. Immediately there will be a ban of questionnaires and the efficiency is very low. Can be used to send, for example, articles. Or if you have an offer for some information business courses, then you can enter with a simple question. For example, “Do you want to learn web design in a week?

See the pinned post on the wall. Thank you for your attention)".

This is a rather interesting method, when a site is indicated in the profile as a place of work and the people with whom we will interact will go to it. There are no restrictions, i.e. you can safely p*rn - indicate the site in the fake profile and no one will do anything (only you don’t need to put a too frank avatar).

Inviting VK - what is it? Detailed instructions for a useful function!

  • Traffic to Vkontakte group

This is a strategy for recruiting friends who will then move to the desired group after seeing a pinned post on the wall or will be massively invited to the group using invites. You can also use profiles with a large number of recruited friends to promote meetings, i.e. Vkontakte events.

Let's take a look at what we need.

1. Fake profiles

There are several ways here. If we plan to do mailings, then we need to buy the cheapest accounts.

Accounts can be bought, for example, here

or here

There is a great selection and reasonable prices. Those. we just buy ready-made profiles, the cheapest without avatar friends, and we can use them as we need. Just be sure to specify whether it is an asset, i.e. Do I need to bind to SIM cards.

If we plan to promote the site, then it is already better to take profiles with at least 50 friends and an avatar. If you plan to invite and recruit friends, then it is also better to buy profiles with a minimum number of friends and an avatar. You can also register accounts yourself if you plan to use it for a long time. For example, using the SMS service or buying the cheapest SIMs in stalls (often in any communication store there is a SIM for 100 or even 50 rubles).

Service for receiving SMS SMS-ONLINE.PRO

If we need accounts for long links, for example, to promote the site, then it is desirable to draw up a profile as realistically as possible. Those. you need to put an avatar of a real person and put at least 5 photos of real ones too. For example, would you say it's fake in the example below?)

Инвайтинг Вконтакте что это (1)

It is better not to copy photos from other people's profiles in Vk, because. it happens that real users will complain about a page clone (in my practice, this happened once). I take photos from various dating services, for example, from Photo Country.

Inviting Vkontakte: what is it and why is it needed | SEMANTICA

Next, we draw up the profile in as much detail as possible and indicate our website at the place of work.

Only not in the status of a questionnaire, because. there links will not be clickable!

Инвайтинг Вконтакте что это (2)

In general, it’s better to create girls and also set the status “in active search” - this way they are much less likely to block. The more profiles, the better, because. they will be periodically blocked - sometimes temporarily or permanently. Depends on the severity of use.

In order to initially gain friends and the profile looked more real - go to any Vkontakte public with the keyword "add to friends". You can easily upgrade your account to 50-100 friends in a few days.

2. Proxy

If, for example, we bought 10 fake profiles and we simultaneously perform actions from them (mailings, additions, likes), then we will be quickly banned. For this, there is an IP substitution for social networks. networks - IPv4.

Just don't buy IPv6, because they are not suitable for Vkontakte!

I have been buying here for a long time

Инвайтинг Вконтакте что это (3)

Prices are not the lowest, but they always work consistently. Cheap proxies tend to malfunction and slow things down.

Here is another service with expensive, but consistently well-functioning proxies

One proxy address can be used for a maximum of 3 profiles. Optimally one proxy - two accounts.

3. Captcha

Since we are planning mass actions, the Vk administration will start sending us captcha. There are special services for solving such captchas. For example,

You can just put in 500-1,000 rubles and this will be enough for several months of work.

4. Choice of software

In general, the software is full. Sometimes with a subscription fee, sometimes with a one-time payment. You can try to buy a program with a crack, but then you deprive yourself of support, updates and feedback.

I actively use

Pretty simple software to use and with a one-time payment.

You can download accounts with one button, add a proxy and enter the captcha key.

Инвайтинг Вконтакте что это (4)

It is convenient that many of these softwares immediately have a built-in parser that allows you to collect an audience from the Vkontakte search. Of course, the filtering there leaves much to be desired, but it's all done in one window.

If you need more precise settings when collecting an audience, then I would recommend a paid parser with good functionality.

Another software for inviting, also with a one-time payment, for advanced ones already

But, unfortunately, there is no support there. Of the pluses, it is a fairly fast built-in parser and the ability to minimize the program to tray.

I also recommend disabling the antivirus during the installation or launch of such programs. Sometimes it can detect software such as a virus.

5. Methodologies for using software

Several options are possible here.

  • Bulk Friend Adds

In this way, we recruit friends who begin to see our links in the profile, as well as the news feed. Those. having gathered many friends on one user, you can drive traffic to many sites by posting links in the feed, and invite to many VK groups.

Limits on additions are 50 people per day per profile. But I recommend setting 30 - 35 friend additions per day to be less banned. It is better to set the speed between additions to at least 30 seconds. In QuckSender, for example, you can choose the number of friends you add (if a person has 15 friends or vice versa 5000 friends, then most likely this is also a fake) and add those who are online (if you do mailings, then of course it is better to do them for those who online).

Инвайтинг Вконтакте что это (5)

You can send messages in a personal with limits up to 20 messages per day from one profile. You can also scatter promotional posts in the discussions of various groups. The limit of mailings to group discussions is 100 per day from one account. You can also send mass messages on community walls, the limit is also 100 per day from one account. You can also comment in bulk on any post.

The limit for sending comments under posts is 100 per day from one account. And of course, you can send messages to users' walls (if they are open) with a limit of 40 messages per day per account. I would recommend using the latter on a birthday - for example, you can congratulate a person and at the same time invite him to look at our profile.

The main thing is not to overdo it and understand that they will be heavily banned for such mailings. With the exception of mailing lists for discussions in groups, usually admins just blacklist them, but do not complain about spam. We also set action limits 20% less than allowed and set as much time as possible between actions, for example 100 - 150 seconds, in order to at least slightly reduce the risk of a ban.

You can send invitations to a Vk group or to a meeting from one profile no more than 40 per day. I also recommend setting limits to 25-30 invitations per day. It is also important to understand that a group can be banned for mass inviting. It is necessary to do this carefully, preferably no more than 200 - 300 invitations per day to the community (that is, from several profiles at once).

I also recommend doing any actions every other day, and mailings are better in general once every 2 days. This will also reduce the risk of a ban.

This is also a technology of drawing attention to oneself, when user profiles are liked and out of curiosity they go to the profile. In general, now this method is little used, and many began to turn off notifications about this altogether. But you can go for a trick. We create a cute fake girl (only not with a super model appearance), put the status in active search and start liking men who are also in active search. Sometimes this works well too.


You can get Vkontakte traffic, albeit not as efficiently as before. For a year in 2015-2014, no one used the target at all - everyone was on an invite. Large communities only promoted this method, for example, they bought 100 - 150 accounts and added them as friends en masse and then invited them to meetings in the community.

For example, I generally have about 60 different bots for different purposes, and all of them are tied to purchased SIM cards so that they can be restored. By the way, you can often unban profiles, even if there is no access to the number - you can simply enter any other one. Sometimes they ban forever, but if you do not automate actions very aggressively, then accounts can live from a month or even from six months.

What is Inviting?

The technology is based on sending invitations from registered participants to unregistered (not signed).

Inviting is especially brightly present in the largest and most popular social networks - Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook. Users create fake pages, add friends to themselves, and then invite them to a group (page).

Inviting and its goals

  • Audience growth and passive user growth.
  • Use as a marketing tool that will increase sales.
  • Limiting the flow of uninterested users.
  • Identification of the target audience.

Inviting: advantages and disadvantages

There are both positive and negative aspects of inviting. Among the positive ones can be distinguished:

  • Direct contact with users;
  • Ability to filter users by age, gender, city, and so on;
  • Identification of active users who are interested in the topic.

Negative points include:

  • Getting blocked by various resources in case of suspicious activity;
  • Some accounts (data) may not have information about themselves, so there is no guarantee of user interest.

Inviting as a technology

Now there are disputes about whether this technology can be considered "white", because. due to its use, a number of inconveniences arise for resource users. However, there is no doubt that this method is excellent for expanding the audience and working with users.

Without a doubt, this audience attraction technology is effective, since it is possible to form a base of potential customers who are invited to an event (or other purpose) through various kinds of mailings.

There are special programs that are actively used to automate this technology. This allows you to attract a large audience.

Inviting Vkontakte - services and programs

Инвайтинг Вконтакте что это (6)

A selection of VKontakte invite services that will help you quickly and easily invite a significant number of people to a group. The rating was compiled taking into account the assessments of experts from the field of Internet marketing.

Filter Services

Инвайтинг Вконтакте что это (7)

LInviter VK PRO is a relatively young program from the popular developer Lizard Program. Specializes in automating the promotion of profiles of users of the social network Vkontakte. Supports the following promotion methods: invitations to friends or communities, mass liking, etc. Cleaning of communities from "dogs" is available.

Инвайтинг Вконтакте что это (8)

There is a free plan

Bot for working with social networks. The program interface is intuitively simple. There are no many unnecessary settings, only all the most necessary and effective. BroBot automates the promotion of social media accounts such as VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, LovePlanet, Mamba. In case of difficulties in the work, the operatively working technical support will always come to the rescue.

Inviting Vkontakte what is it (2024)


What is the meaning of VKontakte? ›

VK (short for its original name VKontakte; Russian: ВКонтакте, meaning InContact) is a Russian online social media and social networking service based in Saint Petersburg. VK is available in multiple languages but it is predominantly used by Russian speakers.

Why is VK blocked? ›

Why can't I access VK? It is quite common for companies and universities to deny access to social media in an effort to reduce distractions. This means that VKontakte, along with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, is often blocked on such networks.

Why VK is so popular? ›

VK is More Popular With Young Users

VK's focus on sharing audio and video files between friends. The site's tendency to encourage users to expand their social circles, as opposed to remaining only in the ones that they are already a part of.

Can you use VK even if you aren't in Russia? ›

VK, a Facebook-like Russian social media platform, is banned in a lot of countries, including European countries, the USA, Ukraine, Dubai, India, Saudi Arabia, Iran, the Philipines, and Pakistan. To bypass this restriction, you can use CyberGhostVPN (the only VPN with servers in Russia).

Is VK used for dating? ›

Social network Vkontakte has released a beta version of a separate mobile application of the service VK Dating for the Android platform. In the near future there will also be versions for iOS. In the new app, users of VK dating now will not meet their friends from Vkontakte and users from the blacklist.

Is VK a dating site? ›

Russian tech giant VK is developing its own dating service that could launch this summer following Tinder's planned exit from Russia, the Vedomosti business daily reported Friday, citing two unnamed sources close to VK and a third source close to the dating app.

Is VK safe? ›

We do everything in our power to make VK a safe space to communicate, however when it comes to real crimes, only competent authorities have the ability to handle them. You also have the ability to choose your level of privacy on VK and decide who can comment on your posts or even see your profile.

What is VK social media? ›

Vkontakte (better known by its acronym, VK)is a horizontal social network founded in 2007 by the Russian Pavel Durov, this being the most popular social network in the area of Eastern Europe, mainly in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

Is VK same as Facebook? ›

VK, also known as VKontakte or, is a social media platform that is similar to Facebook, and is especially popular in Russia and other Eastern European countries. It was launched in 2006 by Pavel Durov, who later went on to found Telegram.

Which country uses VK most? ›

In 2022, the largest number of VK app downloads was recorded in Russia, at over 14 million.

Which apps do Russians use? ›

Top must-have apps in Russia
  • Babbel.
  • Duolingo.
  • Yandex.Translate.
  • Google Translate.
Jan 27, 2023

Where did VK come from? ›

VKontakte (VK), aka "Russian Facebook", is Russia's largest social media platform. VKontakte attracted millions of users around the former Soviet countries, such as Kazakhstan, Belarus, Latvia, Moldova, and so on.

How do I access VK in USA? ›

If you are outside Russia, you will not be able to access VK due to regional limitations in your country which make it impossible to access the social network. If you want to access VK from outside Russia, you will need to connect to a VK VPN, such as PureVPN.

Why is VK called VK? ›

VK, originally known as Vkontakte (“In contact” and the Russian analogy to Facebook), was founded in 2006 and has since grown to become one of the most popular social media platforms in Russia and other parts of the world.

How many VK users are there in Russia? ›

Nearly 80 million people used the social media platform VK in Russia each month on average in the fourth quarter of 2022. The number of monthly active users (MAU) of VK in the country saw an increase by roughly 10 percent from the previous year.

How many Russians use VK? ›

VKontakte (VK) is a popular social network in Russia, with over 62.59 million monthly active users alone. It's a platform for connecting, sharing, writing, gaming, and more.

How popular is VK in Russia? ›

Nearly 80 million people used the social media platform VK in Russia each month on average in the fourth quarter of 2022. The number of monthly active users (MAU) of VK in the country saw an increase by roughly 10 percent from the previous year.

How do you pronounce VKontakte? ›

  1. Phonetic spelling of VKontakte. vkon-tak-te.
  2. Meanings for VKontakte., a Russian social media platform.
  3. Translations of VKontakte. Russian : ВКонтакте Chinese : 脸谱 Arabic : فكونتاكتي


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