Toby Sweet Pool Player (2024)

1. How good was Toby Sweet and does anyone have stories.

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  • I have heard a bit about Toby but was wondering if anyone could tell some stories about Tobys speed.

2. South Florida, Ghost, Toby Sweet, etc. | One Pocket and Bank Pool

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  • I'm moving these posts out of respect for Peter's thread... So its October, Holloween month and as you would expect The Ghost appears. Good to see you back. Also sorry for the highjack but its the Ghost's fault. welcome back Ghost! Wish I could play in these Peter, would love to play...

3. The Pool Channel | Toby Sweet, who is from my area and owned a room ...

  • The year Wade Crane was player of the Year on the Pro Tour, I believe it was '85 or'86, Wade also won the Florida State 9 Ball Championship tournament in ...

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4. Toby Sweet - People - AZBILLIARDS.COM

5. 1996 TREASURE: Steve MIZERAK vs. Toby SWEET - Billiard Walker

  • Posted: Jul 28, 2020

  • Billiards video:YouTube video "1996 TREASURE: Steve MIZERAK vs. Toby SWEET - The TACO BELL SENIORS 9-BALL CHAMPIONSHIPS" 2020-07-27 12:26:34

6. Accu-Stats' Classic TREASURES - YouTube


7. Who was the best nine-ball player of all time? - The HyperTexts

  • Worst has been called the best pool/billiards player of all time by ... Sweet, Cecil Tugwell, Don "the Cincinnati Kid" Willis, Bobby Hunter, Dallas West ...

  • Who was the best nine-ball player of all time?Who was the best nine-ball player ever to pick up a cue? Perhaps it depends on the circumstances. In the famous (or infamous) Johnston City pool hustler tournaments, playing on regulation tables, Luther Lassiter was the nine-ball king. But playing on a bar table, it would be sheer folly to bet against Keith McCready, Louie Roberts or Dave Matlock. During his prime, gambling for cash, Buddy Hall was spotting top pros the seven and winning. But then a young Earl Strickland showed up with bobby pins holding back his flowing mane, and "the Pearl" gave "the Rifleman" some serious grief. Then a few years later, Efren "the Magician" Reyes arrived from the Philippines with a Merlin-like wand ...

8. The Pool Channel Pepsi Don, CEO. - Facebook

  • I have an Accu-Stats tape of Toby Sweet playing. Steve Miserak in a. Seniors Tour 9 ball tournament in Milwaukee a couple of years ago and i'd never heard of ...

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  • Mar 1, 1996 · ... Toby Sweet, John Ditoro, Jon Dovinsky and David Grossman. “Florida has one of the toughest, most successful regional tours in the nation ...

  • Some of the nation’s best nine-ball players are putting up $100 each to compete for $8,400 Saturday and Sunday in the Mali Florida Pro Open at Beach Club Billiards in LaMirada Plaza on West V…

10. Tobys Billiards

  • ... players $16.00/Hour 4 Players $18.00/Hour 5 Players. Uploaded image. Ping Pong ... Toby's is your place. You won't find any coin slots or torn tables here ...

  • PoolHall Billiards Room in Hollywood FL Voted Best Pool Hall 2015 Broward and Palm Beach Counties PoolHall Aventura

11. Famous Pool Sharks - The HyperTexts

  • ... Toby Sweet, Cecil Tugwell, Don "Cincinnati Kid" Willis According to "Toupee" Jay Helfert, Keith McCready went looking for "monster" players! Unknown ...

  • Famous Pool Sharks (and some SEXY ones too!) Famous Pool Hustlers and their Fabulous Nicknames!Who were the greatest pool sharks of all time? Which players won the most tournaments? Who was the best hustler in the clutch―playing for cash―with his own money on the line? Who was the best shotmaker, the best bank artist, the best bar table player, the best run-out king? Who had the best nine-ball break, the highest straight pool run? Who played the best defense: the best "safeties"? Who played the best cue ball position? This page delves into such questions.


  • le Pool Player". ILLIARD. 11 (.905). 4 (.813). 11 (.845). 7 (.800). 11 (.865). 8 (.778). 11 ... Toby Sweet. 19. Kim Davenport. 20. Dick Lane. 21. Danny Medina. 22 ...


  • 813) held a comfortable lead of 10-7 over Toby Sweet (.802), yet somehow ... Like the world's finest billiard cloth, Granito Pool offers extra measures of player ...

14. Wade Crane vs. Toby Sweet (DVD) - Accu-Stats Video Productions

  • Wade Crane vs. Toby Sweet (DVD) | 1996 Taco Bell Seniors Championships. Your Price: $9.95 (You save $10.00). Image 1. Larger / More Photos. Add to Wish List.

  • Accu-Stats Video Productions offers the best in Professional Billiard DVD's & Videos. Uncut!!! In their entirety, with Professional Players commentating on their fellow peers!!! We offer 9-Ball, Straight Pool, One Pocket, Banks, 3-Cushion Billiards, 8-Ball matches & Ring Games. We also offer instructional DVD's & videos by Scott Frost, Jerry Briesath, Gabe Owen, Buddy Hall, Grady Mathews, Bill Incardona, Mike Massey, Jim Rempe and Pat Fleming. In addition to DVD's & videos, we have a collection of books (instructional and biographical) that are essential to the avid pool and billiard fan. Browse through our site to see more!!

15. Indiana Tech remains 'Sweet Strong' amid Sweet 16 run | WANE 15

  • Mar 13, 2023 · Indiana Tech is dedicating the season to Toby Sweet, a cousin of head coach Ted Albert who's battling kidney cancer.

  • Indiana Tech is dedicating the season to Toby Sweet, a cousin of head coach Ted Albert who’s battling kidney cancer.

16. 'Pretty Little Liars': Janel Parrish on Death, Mona's Next Move

  • Feb 27, 2013 · THR: The big mystery of the episode is whether the body is really Toby's. Parrish: It sure seems like he's dead, right? He's lying in a pool of ...

  • In a chat with THR following Tuesday’s episode, the actress says of Mona and Spencer’s role reversal: “Mona is almost like the new Spencer now.”

Toby Sweet Pool Player (2024)


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